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Events in Garfagnana

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Garfagnana Valley  is a big living container of flavors, knowledge, and  an ancient culture where, to the hard work in the fields, it brought relief above all the participation in the life of "community". To better grasp these aspects, a calendar of events has been elaborated that, with the change of seasons, allows you to follow an ideal path between typical products, traditional crafts and quality craftsmanship.    Events that enhance itineraries, art, culture, folklore, traditions and typical products (chestnut, spelt, pork, mushroom, honey ..) of this beautiful area.

Beyond tradition: mountain running, motor sports, motorbike meetings, vintage car shows, in Garfagnana blend with the wild landscape and every year offer unforgettable moments to the fans.

Some historical events  

when available we will update the 2018 programs

Sagra delle Crisciolette a Cascio dal 1969

Since ancient times in a small village in the Garfagnana, the gastronomic tradition of a simple product has been handed down, born from the experience of the poor cooking of ancient times and made with natural products. This is, in short, the Criscioletta: water, wheat flour, corn flour, salt, bacon or fresh cow cheese.

July 27/28/29  2018

August 3/4/5  2018

Alfieri Theater 2018

In the splendid location of the Teatro Alfieri, completely refurbished, every year is offered a large program of prose shows, classical music, popular music and dance . 

42°Sagra dei Maccheroni - Sillicagnana (folk festival ) 

July 2018 

Focused mainly on the local and typical dish of macaroni, dry handmade pasta with egg, seasoned after cooking with excellent meat sauce; the recipe has been handed down for generations and is a natural continuation between past and present in the organization of this festival.

41 ° Rally del Ciocco C.I.R. 

 March 23-25 2018 

A competition, an event, staged for more forty years, on whose special tests important pages of the history of the Italian rallies were written.

In the picture a tribute to the Garfagnana DOC drivers  Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi for the 10 Italian titles won.

The medioeval bandits of Sillico ... at the dinner time !

Luglio - Agosto 2018 

In July and August you can enjoy the special atmosphere of a historic an gastronomic pageant , which brings back memories of the times  when Ludovico Ariosto was Governor of Garfagnana.(Middle Ages )

What to eat ( in arcaic italian language !):

Alla porta del ponte: pan scuro abbrusticato cum lardo et herbe odorose, crostoni cum olive et cepòle trite
Al Belvedere: menestra de tajerini cum fagioli rosci o suppa de farro cum herbe silvestri et olio delicatissimo
Nel cortile del palazzo: porca a lo foco ardente cum spetie et herbe odorose o fagioli, cepòle et ciceri in baalsama de agresto et olio
Alla Torre: crostata de fructa spetiata et altre dolcezze
Alle hosteriae: Affettati del norcino et cacio, acqua ardente et infusi de vino cum fructi
vino rubro et acqua de la fonte

I.A.M. - International Academy of Music

June July  2018 

A kind of event never seen before: I.A.M., a huge musical event with 25 chamber music concerts in 10 days, held by some of the best American and European artists and also young and emerging talent on the international background. It will be hosted in a splendid town in Tuscany: Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, in its theatres, castles and squares.

Known artists among young talents will arrive in Garfagnana to attend intensive courses: beautiful violin, piano and cello melodies will ring out in the streets of the historical center of the town all day long. In the evening, these artists and their students will play live concerts inviting you in a whole new evocative atmosphere given by the artistic scenario.

Garfagnana Epic - from Apuan Alps  to Apennine by MT Bike

June 2-3  2018

A route among the hardest and most spectacular in Italy: 150 Km. And 6,000 meters of difference in level, on the paths that connect the Apuan Alps to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Two days of MTB thrills.

Garfagnana Epic is not a race .... but an epic adventure !!

Le Contee del Farro

July 2018

Le Contee del Farro is the festival dedicated to Garfagnana PGI spelt, it will be  in Sant'Anastasio, a fraction of the municipality of Piazza al Serchio (LU).

Many rich the program of the two days of celebration, which see various gastronomic moments dedicated to spelt, excellence of Garfagnana agriculture, as well as conferences, historical representations , markets and shows.

We would like to mention, among other things,the a gastronomic itinerary between the villages of Sant'Anastasio and Petrognola, with various stops in the farms along the route where you can taste the typical recipes made of spelt and drink wine at will. The event is on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

12° Garfagnana Lakes National Motorcycle Rally

July 27-29  2018 

The Garfagnana Lakes National Motorcycle Rally is a day and night tour, engaging games, Live Music, shows and OpenBar, as well as catering with typical products.

On Friday, after the opening of registrations, start of a tour to areas of particular beauty with unique scenarios of their kind.

On Saturday and Sunday the caravan will move on new routes to be defined and set up.

Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to the awards, as well as shows, group games and much more.

Il Serchio delle Muse 

July August September   

Outdoor traveling festival, with the suggestive scenery of the Apuan Alps and like theatre the squares, the gardens, the most remote and unusual places of the Serchio Valley ... The Serchio delle Muse was founded in 2002, with the aim of bringing inhabitants of the Valley to the world of music, of opera, of poetry.

When evening falls and the show is about to go on stage, our Valley rediscovers the magic of the vigils of the past, the pleasure of being together in the cool squares, on the churchyards, and like a magic spell the Serchio calls its Muse , and all of you ...