La Palazzina Agriturismo in Garfagnana - Toscana

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Adventure holidays in Garfagnana

Garfagnana valley offers many opportunities to try  or to do adventures out of the ordinary. Below is a list, always updated, of the main adventure-acitivities you can find in Garfagnana.


At the Parco del Battiferro there are various activities on two distinct routes: the first route is used for canyoning, while the second is interested in hiking, climbing, pulley downhill and more.

Fortezza delle Verrucole - Archeopark

Archeopark Fortress of Verrucole is the reconstruction of life inside the Fortress as it was in the past, in the form of an archeopark, in other words a living museum. The setting up of the rooms as they were from the thirteenth century, the presence of guides-animators illustrating the history and life of the Fortress and the Fortress, demonstrations of traditional crafts, educational workshops and shows suitable for the context.


Apians Exploring Mountains ASD accompany you to Rio Selvano, where you will dive into a series of slides and natural pools. Alternatively you can go down in complete safety on rope thanks to the support of professional guides, an experience full of emotions in the most amusing canyon of Tuscany !!

Adventure park on the trees

The Selva del Buffardello adventure park is located in San Romano Garfagnana; inside the park it is possible to take part in various activities such as acrobatic trails on trees, trail-running, archaeological activities.

Zip Line on the  Vagli lake

In Vagli Sotto, managed by Vaglipark, a suggestive flight in  the air, a thrilling experience of 1500 meters. You will have the opportunity to cross the lake and fly over the old town, traveling at a height of 350 meters. and at a top speed of 150 Km / h. You are hooked to a steel cable with appropriate flight equipment. Other attractions, including a walk around the lake with a crossing of the suspended rope bridge.


The Apuane Alps represent a karst area, one of the most important and well-known in Europe. In the Grotta del Vento, in addition to the normal tourist paths, it is also possible to make visits for climbing on ladders or climbing on the rock walls, tied to safety ropes and accompanied by expert speleologists. For adventure trails you can choose between 2 different itineraries.

Sport climbing and canoeing

At the Parco del Levigliese, you have available natural rock walls for climbing at different levels (both for children and experts). It is also possible to try a canoe trip on Lake Trombacco; there is the possibility to travel 1300 meters inside the lake to discover enchanting corners and not otherwise accessible.

The Ass.L'Apuano Appeso runs an indoor climbing artificial gym in Castelnuovo (indoor climbling)


In the Val di Lima, the Garfagnana Rafting center offers you many sports and tourist attractions such as rafting, canoeing, adventure parks, trekking, canyoning and much more. A sporting experience for everyone and full of fun, you will have an unforgettable memory and new friends always ready to entertain you