La Palazzina Agriturismo - Garfagnana - Toscana

Local products and flavors

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Farro IGP della Garfagnana, an old cereal…soup, sweet and salted cakes, farro salad with tomatoes, celery and onions or together with vegetables….

With Farina di neccio DOP della Garfagnana (Chestnut flour) it’s possible to prepare Polenta, necci, castagnaccio, frittelle and tullore…inimitabile flavours from chestnuts still dried in metati (little stone huts in the wood).

Nearby us it’s still possible to visit one. Still alive is also the weekly tradition of “pane di patate” (bread made of potatoes) baked in wood-fire oven. The aroma and fragrance of this product, together with typical salami such as Biroldo della Garfagnana or the well-known Lardo di Colonnata, make unforgettable your stay.

And also: honey, raspberries, blackberries, mountain wine, pecorino and ricotta cheese, meat of beef grown in traditional way, porcini mushrooms, jam, stream trouts and water…..inimitable flavours! And near Lucca (50 minutes drive) oil and wine of the hills of Lucca!

...Good eating!